Working efficiently through a smart office

Technology reaches new heights every year with modern inventions continuously being introduced in our society. These digital times have caused a surge in how people interact with each other and with their environment. Gadgets have become smarter and the objects we encounter on a daily basis are now smart as well.


In line with the rise of new technologies, spaces have become technology-driven and allow for a more streamlined way of living. The Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced how connectivity provides us access to conveniently adjust our surroundings and control things.


Creating a smart office is the new norm, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete transformation but integrating a few smart appliances can already improve how employees work. It’s significant to note that these devices should be for the benefit of employees, which should help them work better, more efficiently, smoothly, and conveniently.


The list down below provides different ways of how companies and organizations can incorporate smart devices in their office and utilize it for the benefit of workers.


  1. Adjusting the office environment for elevated comfort

Working in an office too dark or too cold may not be conducive for employees. For some, the surroundings may be lacking or excessive and it may be challenging to find a middle ground, especially when there are limited options to change how bright the lights should be or the temperature of the room.


In recent years, smart lightings have become popular such as the Philips Hue Light while digital thermostats are gradually gaining more attention. These devices can be controlled through smartphones and are adjustable in varying degrees. They can be installed not only in the office but also in one’s workspace at home. It allows the users to fix the lighting or temperature to their liking and comfort.


  1. Accelerating information access


Cloud storage software and applications are very much embedded in the process of information sharing and saving digital data. As remote working continues to be encouraged for the health and safety of employees, cloud storage is used more than ever. However, the constant jumping from gadget to gadget may pose an inconvenience to those who tire from logging in and answering security questions every single time.


The technology used today for the ease of accessing data has advanced as it is now placed in the hands of our most used devices (i.e. smartphones, smartwatches, and more). If you’ve ever utilized the features of your phone, you might be aware that you can simply have your face or fingerprint scanned to allow your phone to access the data you need.


  1. Heightened security for employees’ safety


CCTVs, smart door locks, and face recognition entry access are just among the many features and devices that a smart control system provides. Due to COVID-19, the heightened need for contactless entries and exits in a building proves how convenience can come with the benefits of safety and security.


A smart security system solidifies the protection of the workplace and employees. It also safeguards valuable information and data stored in the office from external threats. Controlling the security system can be done remotely and it stores information that can be used as the timecard of employees.


  1. In keeping with distanced collaborations and movements

Zoom, slack, google meets and other software have emerged and allowed people to work with each other remotely from the comfort of their home or from a coworking space. Socially distanced collaboration has somewhat defined the 2020 trend of most if not all companies when it comes to brainstorming, team discussion, or even meetings.


The use of these software has shown us how meetings can remain effective even if they are done virtually. While awaiting the vaccination of the public, zoom meetings and slack conversations will continue to be the mode of communication for most companies.


Technology has become more holistic over the years. Aside from convenience and efficiency, it functions to meet our comforts, improve our health, and provide better security. Smart offices in particular allow employees to manage their needs more easily. More digital features will emerge in the future that will bring how employees work to a new level.


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