Top Office Designs Trends for 2021

As more establishments and offices begin to open due to a more relaxed community quarantine, organization leaders are now challenged to make their workplaces safer and more conducive for their employees while taking into consideration health protocols, especially social distancing. Looking back at the past year made industries reimagine and redefine work-life, which includes redesigning office space that fits the new normal.


Open Spaces

Open space has been an emerging trend due to the recent pandemic. It allows offices to displace cubicles and tight office tablespaces. The open space is suited for organizations that require collaboration among employees.

To have an open office space, you may start by removing the individual desks and put long tables, which will serve as a coworking space making conversations easier. Open space also provides a welcoming atmosphere of friendliness and equality because almost everyone shares the same type of space.

You can adopt an open space by revamping your furniture with more comfortable yet collaborative tables and movable chairs. Allow your large windows to be opened for natural lighting.

Feels Like Home

Transition from the work-from-home setup may be a little uninteresting for most employees. The office environment may send an aura of stress and boredom, hence, it is important to incorporate cozy elements to help employees transition from the long-year WFH setup.

To make your office feel like home, you can invest in bringing in home-like furniture or establishing a corner dedicated for leisure and relaxation. A dedicated corner that feels like home may give employees a breathing space where they can just relax for a few minutes making work less stressful and more enjoyable.

Traditional office spaces are usually dull in color. Aside from bringing in a comfortable environment, employers can also avoid dull and boring colors such as gray to avoid the feeling of sadness and isolation.

If you already have gray colors in your office, do not worry, because you can still vamp up a homey atmosphere by introducing brighter colors such as yellow. The color yellow can help boost attention and mood. You can incorporate yellow through hues and accents.


Plants are in

Bringing plants in is essential because of our inherent connection to nature. Plants, whether it is a large one or the teeny-tiny succulents, can bring a positive change and vibe to your office.

To recreate a nature scene inside your office, you may start by bringing more earth tones and subdued lighting. Bringing plants in can be loud or subtle; you can start by putting small plants at desks, or bring in different plants and place them within your office floor to mimic nature. It is also important to choose plants that are suitable for your office layout, and avoid having the same plant all throughout.

Incorporating plants into your office is also helpful with the mental health of your employees. It is pleasing to the eye and helps with reducing the stress, thereby increasing productivity and creativity.


Sustainable and earth-friendly

As the clamor for environmentally friendly organizations become louder, office design can also contribute to your organization’s commitment to have a greener and more sustainable environment.

Bringing in sustainable design is not limited to aesthetics, it should also be contributory to our environment. Sustainable design includes the use of sustainable furniture, recycled products, or reclaimed materials. You may also start a sustainable way of doing business by renting furniture instead of acquiring new ones. Sustainable office design also includes the reduction of energy consumption, and you can start it
by opening your large windows to allow more light to come in, therefore turning off some unnecessary office lights.  A sustainable office space can be paired with biophilic design, combining plants with sustainable and eco-friendly practices.


An Investment for the Better Normal

Recreating or revamping of office spaces for the new normal are great investments to consider. The top design trends for 2021 are not just about aesthetics but also functionality and optimization of employee productivity through the incorporation of elements that enhance work experience, coupled with health standards, therefore, fostering a better wellbeing for your employees.

Adopting these trends may help your office transform and adapt to the better normal.

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