Promote sustainable initiatives for a healthier office environment

Companies and organizations with a background of being sustainable are more appealing to the new workforce and even customers and consumers are more inclined to-wards them. Gaining more customers is just the tip of what businesses can gain from going green.

There are numerous advantages to being sustainable and more eco-friendly, among the advantages are the following:

• Easily Attract and Retain Employees
• Higher Employee Morale
• Healthier Wellbeing
• Decrease Pollution in the air, earth, and water
• Reduce damage to natural systems and biodiversity

Usually, when people think of going green they immediately associate it with big cost and a complete overhaul in workplace design. False! Sustainability can be achieved through eco-friendly practices that you can easily implement inside the workplace. So, maybe there is a bit of an overhaul but more towards policies and practices. Listed be-low are some of the cost-effective practices you can promote for a healthier office environment.


• Recycling Program

You know how nowadays you can dispose of waste according to its material. There are color-coded bins used to separate glass from plastic and plastic from tissue or paper, all are part of a recycling program. Implementing a recycling program can help encourage your employees to consciously make better choices for themselves and the environment within and outside the office. On top of that, a recycling program minimizes emission from wastes in landfills and allows you to help others to make use of available resources.


• Conserving Energy

Ensuring all the lights are closed and electric wires unplugged is a simple yet cost-effective way to conserve energy within the office. Similar to a routine, it would be helpful to set up policies that urge employees to be more mindful of energy consumption. You can also opt for setting up light sensors, energy-efficient light bulbs, utilizing natural light, and using renewable energy sources (solar and wind power).


• Going Paperless and Plastic-free

Ever heard the saying, “save the turtles”? It became a viral phrase recently thanks to social media but it has also launched and pushed businesses to adopt more sustainable alternatives over plastic items. Employers can give out customized company tumblers for employees to use instead of plastic bottles. Eco-bags are also great to use for all types of occasions wherein you might need an extra pouch for your items. However, if you do happen to use a plastic bag—like the ones from supermarkets, then try to use it more than once and don’t let it be a single-use plastic that you’ll nonchalantly dispose of. Businesses should inspire workers to be responsible and conscious consumers for themselves but also the people and the environment around them.

Additionally, recycling and reusing papers are also encouraged. Think about all the times you had to print a form that only took up less than half the space of the paper. Don’t throw it away! You can reuse it as your draft or notes for work. That’s one way to address the paper problem. The other way is to go paperless and use a cloud drive for your business where all employees can access, upload, and download files. Gone are the days of distributing hard copy documents per person.


• Office Plants Indoors

Bringing the outdoors inside is to bring plants within the workplace and give them a loving space where they can emanate and create a healthier environment. Your work-place can improve wellbeing through ventilation thanks to plants, improve mood and productivity thanks to the greenery of plants, and overall improve air thanks to the col-lective number of plants found within the office. Also, plants are incredibly pleasing to the eye and aesthetic—so they basically fit in anywhere inside your office and make your place look welcoming.


• Mode of Transportation

Commuting is hard, especially if you work in areas considered as central business districts (CBD) where the traffic is intense. The modes of transportation in the Philippines are plenty but there’s a stark difference between public utility vehicles and ride-hailing private vehicles in terms of price and comfortability. But problems usually have solutions, if you have your vehicle, why not let coworkers who live nearby join you and carpool going to work? For employers, if you have employees who live nearby, why not provide bicycle racks, e-scooter and parking space for their zero-emission vehicles?

Another solution for the transportation problem is giving employees the option to work from home or conduct remote work elsewhere that is conveniently closer in distance to their home.

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There are a lot of sustainable practices to adopt that are cost-effective and efficient. Acquiring resources is also not heavy on the pocket for most of what’s mentioned. Be-coming more eco-friendly presents how you care for your employees, for a healthy work environment, and the Earth as a whole. There are no criteria needed to start sus-tainable practices and initiatives, by promoting the right direction and policies, you can achieve a more sustainable workplace.

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