Integrating biophilic design into your workplace

The design that is intrinsically connected to our love for nature has emerged as one of the most highly recommended office design styles in the fit-out sector. 


Derived from the Greek words for “life” and “love” or “love of life” as a whole, biophilia is a manifestation of our love for nature in the form of design, decor, and structure. In other words, it is the practice of incorporating nature and natural elements into the built environment. It can be subtle like imitating forms of nature, or loud like plants walls and pillars, but regardless of how it’s presented, it provides several benefits for occupants in a biophilic workplace.


Trends And Concepts’ Principal Designer and VP for Design & Construction Management,  IDr. Charisse Gail Bantiling shared her view on biophilic design, “Biophilia is the love for nature—people are known to be drawn to connect with nature, so adding natural elements inside a professional workplace brings out a more relaxed atmosphere.” 


“As we progress towards sustainable approach, humans recognize the need to transition to sustainable alternatives. Design practitioners engage in systems that connect human to nature, it isn’t enough that we only provide greeneries but we want to provide an eco-system that would assist in human’s understanding of ecological management. Therefore, changing their behavior towards a conscious culture.” She added. 


Among the many benefits of biophilia, here are the ones targeted to improve or help the well being of occupants:


  • Stress reduction and reduces comfort complaints
  • Reduce absenteeism and retain employees
  • Increases efficiency, productivity, and creativity of employees


Designs that focus on the wellness of occupants are emerging and are likely here to stay due to people shifting their concerns to being mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy inside and outside the workplace. Mental health has become more pronounced in recent years as well as the need to be sustainable. Biophilia is a design that can improve wellbeing while reconnecting people with nature.


The approach to biophilia can be subtle or loud, it can also be done to overhaul the whole workplace or only within one’s respective space. With its versatility to be integrated within the office, here are ways you can add biophilia into your workplace:


Bringing the outdoors indoors

One of the most common ways of achieving biophilia in the workplace is by adding plants in the office. From large potted plants to small plants, incorporating greenery within the workplace can be in various forms and sizes. Aside from its effects and being pleasing to the eye, plants can also be used as partitions and produce different functions depending on where you place it. 


You can also create a living green wall to help filter indoor air and place it within one section of your office, such as the lobby or beside windows. If you prefer the potted plants, you can simply scatter the plants randomly throughout the workplace, mimicking the vibrant structure of nature.

Small changes in the workplace with a big impact 

If you prefer to keep the way your office looks or opt-out of incorporating greenery. There are subtle ways of making your office healthier for occupants. Among the small changes with minimal visibility are providing more access to natural light or views of the outdoors, utilizing outside areas and gardens, adding hints of wood and stone elements, or introducing colors inspired by nature. 

Laissez-faire for individual workspaces

You can let your employees free rein their workspaces, such as letting them add their preferred small potted plants or placing photos of their outdoor adventures. There are several ways of how employees can design their desks according to their wants or needs. By allowing them to do this, the company encourages the individuality of each employee while embracing biophilia for wellness.


As the trend of bringing nature indoors steadily continues, elements of biophilia are slated to become the norm in modern offices. 


The many different ways of how you can tweak, renovate, or design your office will help shift the environment and atmosphere of the workspace leading to the improved wellbeing of employees. 

This approach of emulating wellness through spaces will also help convey a brand that cares for its occupants. Trends And Concepts have created and realized several designs that integrate biophilia within the office space. Having a total interior solutions company to realize your ideal office design will greatly benefit your employees and business in the long run.


Trends And Concepts Total Interior Solutions offers an exceptional range of design, build, and interior construction services ensuring that the ideals of their clients are met and go beyond their expectations. With years of expertise in the industry and successful completion of diverse office designs and fit-out projects, Trends And Concepts grew to be one of the most sought-after design and build service providers locally and globally.

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