Design colors to improve productivity

Colors can be used as tools to further enhance or affect the mood of workers in the office environment, it places a subtle yet effective impact on how we perceive tasks at hand and our productivity and creativity. The various colors provide different diverse emotions and meanings that stimulate our minds and perspective.

To improve workplace productivity, read more about the different colors and how they influence your mood at work to create a more harmonious workplace atmosphere.



An excellent and intellectual color that evokes the feeling of calmness and sheer focus. Adding blue to your workplace can help employees be more concentrated with their task at hand with clearer thoughts and pared down mental strain. It’s an absolute recommmeded color for productivity. To avoid an atmosphere that may seem cold or strict, try adding different accents of brighter colors such as yellow or orange.

Provides: Calmness and Concentration

Presents: Trust and Loyalty



Easy on the eyes and stimulates the mind, you’ll want to add green if your office tends to be used for working long hours. In a black and white spectrum, green would be the shades of gray that presents balance. On top of that, you can add green to your workplace through the use of plants.

Provides: Calmness, Tranquility, and Efficiency

Presents: Balance, Harmony, and Nature



More geared towards accelerating productivity and alertness in physical activities and labor. It’s been reported that the color red increases heart rate and blood flow. Hence, it’s recommended for physical tasks and if you want something in the office that would attract attention. The color red is best used in moderation as red decors or office furniture.

Provides: Increase in energy, Alertness, and Productivity in Physical Activity

Presents: Strength, Passion, and Excitement


Incorporating yellow into your workplace will help boost attention and memory level. Hues and accents of yellow are much better than the bright and loud ones. You’ll also want to accompany it with other colors. Yellow is best used to stimulate creativity and give off that sense of optimism.

Provides: Creativity

Presents: Optimism, and Confidence

These are all great colors to induce productivity in the workplace. Friendly reminder to keep it balanced and use these colors as sort of a complementary addition in your office through decors, pieces of furniture, backdrops, and more.

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