Workplace Design: Optimizing the Employee Experience

With the continuous shift of the future of work to a more employee-centric fashion, the connection between the changing workforce and the organization has been an all-time high. Employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity ultimately lead to a company’s success in terms of profit and brand. As employee experience is greatly influenced by the company’s culture, technology, and the physical workplace, it is of great importance to always keep them in mind when planning for your new workplace.

According to IDr. Charisse Gail Bantiling, Workplace Design Strategist and Principal Designer of TAC, “We want to champion an office design that not only looks amazing but also makes the most efficient use of space and at the same time create a workspace that shifts from ME to a WE environment.

With that said, here are some of the key factors to take into consideration when designing spaces that would optimize experience for your employees.



When designing a workplace, we should always take into consideration the company’s structure and culture. According to an article by inkjetwholesale, different layouts have different advantages and disadvantages, so business owners should combine layout features to create a design that meets specific task requirements and employees’ personal needs. A functional workplace offers a variety of zones and areas that support the workflow, regardless of the space available. Some of these spaces include designated zones, task-specific areas, shared areas, conference rooms, informal social spaces, quiet areas, booths for private conversations and paths for chance meetings.


According to a report by Gensler, employees work better in easily adjustable spaces. Adjustability not only creates ease of utilization at a workspace, but it also promotes improved health of employees by its ability to be customized to an individual’s posture. Good posture and healthy physical workplace practices create comfort, reduces stress, headaches, and also contribute to overall health.

Noise Management

Studies have shown that noise is a primary cause of decreased employee productivity and increased staff absenteeism. For employees to have the best experience possible, we have to properly identify what particular spaces would be used for – should they be open office spaces, conference rooms and the like. Agile workplaces, for example, can offer focus spaces that purposely minimize sound levels to 70 decibels, which stimulates focus and ultimately, allows employees to focus on a task uninterrupted next to his or her neighbor.

Access to resources

According to a report by Gensler, the most productive employees need quick access to people and resources. From food to supplies, it’s important to include resources that are easily found so that people feel connected and well-supplied for success. Designing your workplace with this factor in consideration is vital in ensuring that your employees would be engaged, and productive to your company’s success.

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