Workplace changes in 2020 to keep an eye on

Year after year, we experience disruptive changes in technology, economy, and healthcare that affect the workplace and how we work as a whole. Seeing as to how these changes happen in the future, we sometimes fail to predict or expect what the next “change” might be.

A relevant event that has greatly struck the workplace is the Covid-19. Preemptive efforts at work to tighten health and safety practices have been implemented to mitigate risks of the virus affecting employees. Work-from-home is on the rise and coworking offices are declining due to employees’ concern for their well-being.

Although sudden occurrences like these are completely unpredictable and difficult to expect, we can only begin to anticipate the approaching changes closest to us – artificial intelligence, robots, e-commerce, workplace inclusivity, environmental initiatives, and the Gen Z workforce.


Technology – Convenience and Compromise

Technology, we know for sure is constantly changing, making it the primary disruptor in the workplace. With being technologically advanced, offices have become a more convenient place. Companies integrate the system ‘Internet of Things’ within their workplace, using it as a means of increasing productivity and making it easier for employees to get their tasks done.

There are certainly lots of positives in the use of technology but one of the rising issues within the past few years, which we can assume will continue for the following years to come; concerns with data privacy, especially knowing devices, software, and applications collect tons of valuable information from us that can compromise the privacy of a company and that of its employees.

We have to be mindful and cautious of using technology while also appreciating how it enhances our work experience.


Employee Experience

You put your employees’ health at risk by placing them in a poorly designed environment and by the lack of measures to incorporate holistic practices in the workplace. The wellbeing of employees has been much of trend lately, being addressed through different methods such as interior design, wellness programs, de-stressing activities, ergonomics, among others.

Employees nowadays, particularly millennials and Gen Zs arriving into the workforce, take further into consideration the benefits jobs provide. You can’t win them by just letting them feel secured in their position – job stability and competitive salaries won’t do much either. An office designed with wellness in mind, aligned with the companies’ branding and its values, and spaces that integrate the needs of employees are all significant to deliver positive employee experience, which can be achievable through the use of a well thought out design.

Employees should feel happy, satisfied, and fulfilled in their workplace. Gen Zs look towards leaders they can trust and Millennials prefer a more dynamic, inclusively agile, and purpose-driven workplace. There’s much to understand from these generations but they’re forthcoming with their needs to help positively change the workplace.

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