Trends and Concepts is a company known for many things but one that they are most proud of is how they treat their employees. The construction industry while extremely exciting is also one that can be dangerous, and this is the reason why Trends and Concepts places great emphasis on ensuring their employees’ safety at all times.

Leni Bantiling, VP for Business Development and Corporate Communications of Trends and Concepts says, “The work that we do is fun, fulfilling, and a passion of ours but at the same time, we do understand the caution that we need to take as a company to ensure safety at all times. We value our employees, and this is extended in how we care for them.”

Trends and Concepts believes that there are many benefits to have a safe working environment for their employees, “We understand that we become our team’s second family and this is why it’s important for us to go above and beyond to provide a safe working space for them.”

More and more global trends are linked to providing excellent working conditions to employees simply because a happy and safe work place not only boosts productivity but fosters trust as well.

Trends and Concepts not only provides physically excellent working conditions for their team of individuals but also provide a work culture where they feel supported and cared for.

Employees at Trends and Concepts are given many opportunities to truly feel that they are cared for. Health, safety, and wellness are the top priorities of Trends and Concepts. The company believes that whatever excellent service they provide their clients must also be provided to their employees as well.

The company’s Health, Safety, and Environmental policy is geared towards creating a health and safe culture for everyone, “It’s not just about being safe as an individual but also on how we train our team to keep other safe as well.” – Leni Bantiling, VP of Business Development and Corporate Communications

Aside from carrying stringent occupational health and safety practices, they also ensure to promote a zero harm to the people and the environment culture at their workplace.

Trends and Concepts does so by providing safety seminars, safety orientation, and tool box talks. Tool box talks is unique to the company and gives their employees to voice out their concerns about specific topics in an open discussion with co-employees and their supervisors.

“It’s all about being inclusive and making sure that everyone has an understanding that we want them to be safe at all times and we want to develop a culture where our employees know that they are taken care of and their safety is our top priority.” – Leni Bantiling, VP for Business Development and Corporate Communications


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