When was the last time you shopped at a mall? With the country’s worsening traffic situation, it is definitely more comfortable to shop from home.  Not only are there more choices but less hassles as well, no parking spots to think of, no mall crowds to compete with. Changes in technology has made this all possible.

The digital marketplace, aka e-commerce, has truly changed the game when it comes to the face of retail. And while some smaller, more agile brands have found success online, most traditional department stores are still figuring out the best way to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital space. And while traditional stores and retailers are less agile than their online counterparts, this doesn’t mean that they can’t win in this new landscape. All it takes is a lot research and digging deep into the knowing what the driving force in this new space are and responding quickly with appropriate strategies.

The Future Will Be Digital

As we all know, the future of retail will be mainly digital. And while big stores such as Nordstrom, Target, and Bloomingdales are still showing signs of success in the traditional space, they are also succeeding in the digital space. This doubles their growth and income because they are able to be present to traditional shoppers and a younger set. This can be used for companies in the retail space because by being present in both, you are able to maximize the opportunities in both platforms.

In order to adapt, there are a few changes within the organization that needs to be made to be truly efficient. For one thing, it is important to note that to maximize the future opportunities of the digital landscape, it is important to hire workers that give you the valued skillset you need in order to thrive. As an example, traditional salespeople require different skills as digital ones. For one thing, the digital salesforce requires skillsets that were not necessary in the traditional space. As an example, you will need employees that understand how to sell in the digital space. They must have an understanding of how online retail works such as Amazon and the like and how to succeed. They must be able to understand how to interact with customers, how to maximize social media for their gain, and how to quickly solve and resolve problems. They must also have the desire to research new ways to stay on top of the game.

In order to win in the digital retail space, companies must always be aiming for growth. This means encouraging employees to study new things and be open to learning. It is also understanding the different needs of employee and catering to them in order to bring out the best in them in a way that is positive for the entire company and its growth. HR must be on the lookout for trainings and talent that will be optimal for the company and its employees.

At the same time, in order to truly win in the digital space with no storefront, it is very important to hire employees who know how to tell the story of your product. Whether through your website, social media platform, and other areas, it’s important for employees to uniquely share the story of your brand for this is how retail will soar in the digital age.

Truly, it is an exciting time with many opportunities for growth.

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