Proactive and Assertive – Women in the Philippine Construction Industry

To be a woman in a predominantly male industry has always seemed like a disadvantage for those eager to venture in careers stereo-typically associated as ‘jobs for men’, but women have taken up space in society and within these industries with a progressive approach of inclusive diversity and equality.

The construction industry continues to be a male-dominated sector but the female workforce has been steadily increasing inside this industry, Trends And Concepts have presented this with female employees spearheading tasks in their construction projects. The women in TAC prove that strength is not solely tied to men, women too, own the potential to fully handle careers in the field of construction.

TAC follows through its principles of having an inclusive and diverse workforce with women taking up leadership roles in its business, such as Workplace Design Strategist, Principal Designer of TAC, and VP of Design and Construction Management Division positions all taken up by IDr. Charisse Gail Bantiling. With a diversified workforce, innovation and business growth positively develop.

“When we started welcoming more women in our team, we were able to create diversity of thoughts in our management styles and our techniques. Men saw different perspectives and likewise the ladies learnt a thing or two, all this strengthened our engagement as a team, enabled creative and critical thinking as well as better decision making” expressed Gail with regards to TAC’s inclusion of women in their construction workforce.


Although seemingly a far-fetched scenario, bridging the gender gap in male-dominated industries is absolutely possible. Women are more than capable of accomplishing tasks traditionally assigned to men – machismo should no longer be the attracting force in such industries, it’s in these modern times wherein society and all of its sectors should interpret strength and power from an unconventional angle. Women can be as equally empowered as men.

This international women’s month, TAC commemorates all the women conquering their jobs in whatever industry they may be in, strives for gender equality in the workplace, and continuously uplifts women to show their relevance and place in society.

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