Multiple means of working
There are different ways as to how an employee would want to work. According to Gensler’s Workplace Index, which explores the relationship between office space and employee performance, Gensler identified the types of spaces that should be available for employees: Focus, Collaborate, Learn, and Socialize. These spaces foster employee productivity and accommodate the diverse preferences of
all. Some may prefer to work privately to concentrate on their tasks better, while others would want to work together to brainstorm on ideas. The space where employees can relax is just as important for them to socialize with others and recharge to work on their
following tasks.

Give them control of their space
Work shouldn’t be enclosed within the walls of the office nor the desk employees occupy, allowing your employees to choose where they would like to work will make them more engaged and put extra effort into creating great outputs. Another good option is to provide a floor plan that caters to people who prefer to work alone or in groups such as workstations, café, or even the outdoor area. And with those who prefer to work alone in the office, the ideal desk you can give them is one where they can personalize and arrange on their own.

Culture in the office
The space you create should reflect not just your company branding but also the values and culture of the organization. It’s important to take note of the fact that the office is where your employees spend most of their time. Their well-being can be affected as they are growing and developing skills in their careers. A company that exhibits good culture can raise employees’ morale and help develop those skills.
The well-being of employees should not be taken for granted as it will greatly affect their performance and productivity, with that, the environment they are in as well as the design of the office is one of the primary factors to employee-being. One of the best approaches
in creating an office environment that makes employees more happy, engaged, and healthy is by asking them what they value, care, and want in the office.
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