Increasing employee productivity is an important target when you create a company. One of the factors affecting it is the workplace layout.

A workplace should be where the ideas are vibrating on every corners of the room. It should be where employees can be inspired, motivated, and reaching their individual growth. A place where collaboration of small ideas are giving birth to big ideas resulting to success.

Which is why designing your workplace is as important as choosing the right candidate. This is where you will mold or develop the employees on how the can become a better part of the company.

There following are the several factors when creating an effective workplace designs.


According to the research made by Kalyan N. Meola, with the University of Hawaii at Hilo, visual elements, including colors, can have an influence on employee behaviours, productivity levels, moods and attitudes.

The colors should represent the company vibes. Neutral colors are proven to be used for a harmonious work productivity. While shades of blue and green for generating ideas. And red gives an emphasis and boost employee focus and productivity.

Private versus Open Plan

Closed spaces provide employee privacy, however, open spaces offer collaboration. Which is why choosing your office space plan should reflect on the type of your business. Open spaces work better for operational type of companies and closed spaces benefit those which are more focused on computer related works.

Communal Spaces

Now while most of the companies using Open Plans does not need Communal Spaces, this is becoming an addition for a better collaboration of ideas, to separate the noise from a group of people. This is where the employees/department can group together to discuss about their project without disturbing the other departments. There’s also Informal Communal setups wherein employees can take breaks and recharge, like coffee nooks or activity area.

Office Furnishing

Lastly, would be the office Furnishings for boosting the morale of the employees. Office furnishing is choosing the correct set of furniture or decors that will have an impact on keeping the employees morale at bay. Like an ergonometric office chair instead of just a plastic chair. Or a comfortable couch for the communal area instead a hard chair. Creating an inviting atmosphere will help your employees to feel more engaged which will also lead to increased productivity.

A workplace should not just be a work place, but also a home for ideas and collaborations. It should not be suffocating but rather comforting and encouraging to boost individual growth. A growing employee means a growing company.

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