The latest Nike Ad showcasing Tennis Champion Serena Williams encourages women to win just as they are – to truly feel their emotions, embrace it, and lead as a woman and not as a copycat of men in any field.

Gail Bantiling is leading the same way in the men-dominated construction field in the Philippines. With a robust education and an incomparable experience that she has been honing since she was a child, Gail has proven that women can lead and win in an industry that is mostly dominated by men. Gail reflects, “My family raised me to believe that as long as I work hard and put in the effort, I can most definitely succeed in any industry that I am in and it is this attitude that has propelled me to do the same in Trends and Concepts.”

For Gail, it has always been to lead just like a girl because in embracing her feminine side while leading she is encouraging her employees to do the same, As women, we were given our own strengths to lead in a way that honors the characteristics that we are naturally born with. Our desire to nurture and our compassion are powerful leadership tools that is uniquely our own.”

In order to empower others in the workplace, Gail reflects upon this quote by Hilary Clinton, “There’s still this built-in questioning about women’s executive ability, whether it’s in the corporate boardroom or in the political sphere.”

Gail believes that women, despite their fears, must learn to jump head on into challenges, “There is always going to be fear but we must have the strength in ourselves to know that whether we fail or not, we have the ability to bounce back from any situation.” Gail encourages women to trust their instincts and have confidence in their own abilities, she also encourages them to see failure as a gift and a great way to move forward.

These are the principles that Gail applies to her workplace as a way of allowing other women to soar.

In fact, these are the three concepts that she strongly believes in:

Having a spirit of collaboration.

Women have long been known to dissuade each other instead of empowering each other. Gail promotes a spirit of collaboration in Trends and Concepts by allowing women to see that they are not in competition with each other but rather a team that works together, “This environment of mentorship and collaboration has done wonders for us at work and it has really built women in our company up. There’s a strong sisterhood felt in the workplace.”


Never letting anyone feel bad for allowing family to come first.

 Let’s face it, women are nurturers and Gail believes that they should never be shamed for putting their family first, “I trust my employees and I know that even if there are days when their families come first, they would still be able to follow through with their work commitments. This view has 100% changed the way women feel at work – this truly is the number one thing that empowers them because when they know that their family would not be left behind just because they chose to pursue a career really strengthens them.”

Encouraging them to have their voices heard.

Women are encouraged to speak up in Trends and Concepts without the fear of being ridiculed for their ideas, “We listen to what everyone has to say and we do so without judgement. This has created a safe space for everyone, especially women to speak up and be heard.”

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