When it comes to strategizing the success of your company, culture is the most important thing that you have to consider. Culture is different for each company and gives your current and future employees the chance to understand how things are handled within an organization, how problems are solved, and how team members work with each other. Culture is often defined by management, but the problem often lies in trickling the culture from management to the employees, middle-management, and executives. This is why it is important to be intentional about setting up the culture of your workplace. The best way to do it was from an architectural model. It is through this that you can shape your company’s norms, values, and beliefs. This setting can be done through your policies, procedures, communications, systems, org chart, and most importantly, your physical workplace.

Integrating one’s culture into the physical workplace is often overlooked. But the truth is, how your physical environment is designed creates a greater impact in telling the story of your culture. As an example, you can tell your employees that you are all about collaboration but create an environment where they are in cubicles. You can also say that you empower your employees but restrict them to just one area of the office. It is important that your culture as a company is integrated in the physical workplace because this is where it is seen and felt by your employees daily.

Integrating your culture often begins with a big pep rally with your employees telling them what you expect and what behaviors are accepted but at the same time also find a way to thread this into your physical workplace. As an example, you can choose to have open workspace and conference rooms that are open for others to see. You can also have breakrooms that encourage people to speak with each other and bond. If your culture thrives on physical wellbeing, you can even offer gyms within your office space, and at the same time if you are promoting taking care of your employees’ mental health, you can offer meditation pods that make all the difference.

Integrating culture may seem tricky at the beginning but Trends and Concepts have helped numerous companies to create a workplace that speaks of their culture from the moment they open their doors. Through their experience and expertise, they make each company’s culture shine through uniquely.

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