When it comes to celebrating women empowerment, there is no better month to do so than March. March has always been the month that has been gifted to celebrate women for who they are, what they have accomplished, their contributions to society, and who they are going to be.

And while any day is a good time to talk about how to empower women in the workplace, it is most especially necessary to do so during Women’s Month. We all know by now that women not only contribute greatly to any organization where they feel empowered, but they actually are fire starters in causes and projects that are close to their hearts. When given the opportunity, women are known to soar and lead companies to heights they have never experienced before.

Trends and Concepts have long recognized the value of empowering women in the workplace. Led by a powerful woman herself, Gail Bantiling, Trends and Concepts understands the need of creating a workforce that is not just friendly to women but actually allows them to soar.

Promote and pay equally.

Create an environment that is empowering to women by promoting and paying genders equally. In trends and concepts, women are promoted equally as the men in the company only because when it comes to pay raises and promotion, women are looked at equally as men. They are evaluated based on their performance rather than their gender. This also means that old-school stereotypes are thrown out of the window and each individual is looked upon with no bias.

Discourage gender defining jokes.

An encouraging workplace environment is one that doesn’t encourage women to be anything other than who they are: strong, sensitive, and compassionate. In order to be seen as equal to men they are not required to be like men, instead they are encouraged to be who they are and use it to their advantage when leading a group. It’s never about becoming like the other gender but rather a supreme focus on using a person’s individual strengths to propel the company forward.

It goes without saying that Trends and Concepts have created a safe space of women by allowing them not just to grow but to feel safe in their environment. An environment of respect is the foundation of any successful workplace and with this understanding, both men and women are truly able to reach their full potential.

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