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There is no better time to be a woman than today. More and more opportunities are being afforded to women giving them the chance to rise and encourage others to do the same. This is what occurs within the four walls of Trends and Concepts with the leadership of Leni Bantiling, “Our organization believes that everyone should be given the ability to lead in the workplace, especially women. We make sure to develop a culture where they don’t just feel safe but also confident enough to voice their opinions and make decisions.”

Leni further notes that women executives have the tendency to hold back on their own power, “They sometimes doubt their own ability to lead or excel in executive positions. We are very intentional in the culture that we create for women because we believe in what they can do especially when they are encouraged and built up.”

Mentorship is key.

At Trends and Concepts, women are closely mentored by executives to help them shape their careers, “We firmly believe that we become the best version of ourselves when we look to others who have paved the way for us. That is what we do at Trends and Concepts, we make sure to offer what we can to help another out and help them become the best version of themselves.”

More than just mentorship, this also provides a way for women in Trends and Concepts to build meaningful relationships that will make them grow, “It builds a culture of trust which we believe is the beginning of any great relationship and the foundation of a company’s success.”

Celebrating each other’s strengths.

Women are also empowered by celebrating their strengths. There are workplaces that downplay women’s victories, but Trends and Concepts is not one of them, in fact, they are known to celebrate women’s strengths and victories, “We believe that it’s important to let women known when they are winning. This is part of our mentorship as well. We all know that if one of us win, we all win.”

Being approachable and ready to help.

Because of the trust built through the mentorship process, women at Trends and Concepts are not afraid to ask for help because older executives are always willing to lend a hand, “We always let new employees know that they can always ask us for help. We appreciate it when they ask for our help.”

Being authentic about their failures and mistakes.

And while other workplaces believe that women need to be perfect in order to succeed, that is not a culture that is prevalent here. We are very honest with our mistakes and we try to ask for help from others. It makes women know that no matter what, you are accepted here and we are all here to make it better.”

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