Ever wandered into a store with the intention of just shortly assessing the merchandise displayed upfront but you end up exploring its every corner? Retail interior design has a lot to do with that experience. The power behind retail design lies in understanding the customers, and in building up a design that would lead them into checking out the whole area.


Enticing shoppers through visual communication

First and foremost, the most essential part of retail design is visual communication, the design plays a crucial role in actively engaging the shoppers to move around and allowing them to have a visual experience that honors your brand, its values, and what it advocates for.

“It embodies the character and the values of the product you are selling, the more enticing and genuine it is, the stronger the returns would be,” as stated by iDr. Charisse Gail Bantiling, piid, Workplace Design Strategist & Principal Designer of Trends and Concepts, on the significance of visual design.

The conceptualization of retail design should cover the company brand and image of the product, after its application this would then assist in guiding customers into the store’s space – appealing to their senses and making them interested with what is being sold.


Visual experience vs. E-commerce

As the growing trend of e-commerce threatens the retail market, many look towards designers to counter this challenge with immersive visual experience as the key solution. It would, therefore, be a battle between shopping cost and convenience versus genuinity and emotional experience.

In addition to e-commerce are the modern consumers who live a fast-paced life, shifting towards the convenience of online shopping. The best way to seize their attention is through an eye-catching display in front of the entrance, leading them through the store and slowing them down to explore the retail space much further.

According to iDr. Charisse Gail Bantiling, “People still want the whole visual experience and the joy a pretty looking shopping bag brings when you leave shops. Designing for retail shops should be about the shopping experience that creates the loyalty bond from the consumers to the brand. We want to offer an exciting and engaging space that has a consistent personality and the voice to your brand.”

Effective retail design unites the company’s brand and its interior space to bring people in, giving them the experience of something authentic, enticing, and interactive through strategic retail designed spaces.

Dedicated to producing the highest standard of outputs, Trends and Concepts guarantee your requirements for retail design will be accomplished as they take into account incorporating your brand identity and adapting to the changing landscape formed by e-commerce.

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