Trends and Concept’s very own VP for Design and Construction Gail Bantiling talked about the most pressing issues about then environment and how it greatly affects us in her latest talk for ECCP’s Business and Beers forum last January 22, 2019.

 Gail talked about how one’s work environment affects employees. Gail was quick to point out a startling fact that 50% of employees suffer from chronic diseases due to one’s work environment.

This is why Gail urged managers and business leaders to think of their company’s working conditions as this greatly affects employees’ health and ultimately their performance.

Dimensions to be considered involve the physical working environment such as lighting temperature, indoor air-quality and thermal comfort, noise and acoustics setting, privacy, access to nature, and health and safety. Socio-emotional and cultural environment is just as important especially when it comes to support, expectations, and values.

Gail even gave her expertise on open and close working environments and why design plays a key role in creating an environment that promotes safety and good health.

Gail believes that everything from the lighting to the colors and just how much privacy an employee gets all leads to increasing or decreasing an employee’s productivity. Gail shared that everything was linked together and contributes to the totality of the company’s effectiveness.

Attendees were inspired by Gail’s talk and most of them agreed that this was definitely something that they would think of and consider in their own work places.

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