While in most cases “millennials’ are often dubbed as the “me generation” or the “slacker generation”, Trends and Concepts believes that seeing this new breed of manpower in a different light provides more opportunities than challenges.

“We are well-aware that millennials comprise a big percentage of our workforce today,” says Leni Bantiling, Vice President for Business Development and Corporate Communications at Trends and Concepts, “and is sure to take over the workplace in the next few years. So we craft a stratagem of embracing their unconventional ways of working.”

1. Go digital

“Millennials are changing the workplace culture and the way we work in general. They are more collaborative and their communication habits are instantaneous and open,” says Bantiling. Millenials are the first generation to have lived their entire life with internet, and phones have become their permanent attachment. So while face-to-face meetings are still important, it’s also essential to not overlook the help of messaging apps as a fast and effective communication tool in the workplace. This way, it’s also easier to streamline teams and tasks with group chats.

2. Create a strong community

It’s in a company’s best interest to take advantage of this generation’s fascination to teams and companies that value their ideals and lifestyle. By designing an environment with defined roles, they are more likely to accomplish tasks within their organized groups or departments. It’s the art of connecting to a common goal that inspires these young employees to work with the company’s vision.

3. Embrace diversity and flexibility

Being digital natives, millennial employees get the work done differently than their predecessors. They push boundaries and create movements that changes the way the previous generation used to. Millennials are known to work outside office premises, and non-traditional schedules are becoming more common. So in a corporate setting of the 9am-5pm, scheduling an open digital communication helps.

4. Offer a work and play balance

“At Trends and Concepts, we promote outside office activities like team buildings. We appreciate the value and impact of a balanced lifestyle to our employees and they deliver quality results in return,” says Bantiling on the key to a healthy workplace. “And as our philosophy on work culture goes, “We believe that success is more than just numbers and data. Culture is what defines an organization and more importantly, provides an environment where our employees can grow and can live through work – life balance. We aim to be a company with purpose, a company with value towards our employees and we gear towards a workplace where we value our employee’s needs.”

5. Manage as mentors, not bosses

Bantiling also adds, “One roadblock to effectively engaging with millennials at work is when they don’t see their managers as a role model. When they see bosses rather than mentors, it impacts their sense of duty. Much like any employee of a given generation, being a mentor who focuses on their growth – who’s approachable and supportive of their goals, someone who guides them – drives and encourages them to operate efficiently.”

More than workspace design and build solutions, Trends and Concepts promotes collaborative and strong work culture elevating positive working experience. “We value our employees, and this is extended in how we care for them.”

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