Designing comfortable, agile, and inspiring spaces has become an essential aspect of most companies today. The influence of a well-designed workplace on the attractiveness of the company and its ability to retain talent is now widely recognized thanks to the steady stream of technological advancements and innovations in recent years.

At its very heart, workplace design tells the story of an organization in a way that resonates with the workforce, as well as with suppliers, and customers. It presents a company’s personality – influencing how people behave and interact both internally and on its behalf. It signals a company’s commitment to its core ideals and a tangible manifestation of its brand. With inspiration available almost everywhere, it sounds easy, but a deeper and more focused understanding of the company’s vision is needed across the workplace.

“We live in a time of rapidly changing corporate visions, workforce demographics, and innovations. These changes everything, and everything must change, especially in terms of designing workplaces that address needs and anticipate employee and industry expectations,” said Charisse Gail Bantiling, VP of Design and Construction Management Division and Principal Designer of Trends and Concepts Total Interior Solutions, Inc.

Bantiling’s company, a pioneer in the design and build industry in the Philippines, works on projects with sincere and attentive approach to employee productivity and satisfaction. According to her, contributing to the growth of the business by being purposive, intentional and strategic about the workplace design for individuals within the space should always be a top consideration, if not the main priority.

“We also put a lot of emphasis on the relationship between health and wellness and the built workplace environment. It’s more than giving your employees ease in business operations, it’s about caring for your people,” she added.

Being exposed to global projects at a young age, Bantiling knows that it’s not enough that companies know what they need to shape office environments to enhance human creativity, productivity, and quality of life. The most significant change only happens when people take action.

“As designers, our role is not just for aesthetics, but to act as strategic facilitators of the client’s culture, work process, technology, environment, brand and, business drivers,” she said. “It’s always about engaging the senses while being mindful to the realities and demands of the end user,” she added.

For every design and redesign project, understanding the needs of an organization to adapt, grow, and change to survive and thrive by identifying effective workplace strategies that help clients achieve greater business results is necessary. This means translating the corporate vision and making sure the company’s values are well reflected within the work environment to encourage employee engagement and company culture.

Leaders need courage and strength to keep up with the changing times and be open to adapting innovations to create exciting environments where people feel inspired and energized, and look forward to coming to work.

As a pioneer in office design, build, and fit-out construction solutions, Trends and Concepts has been a wonderful model of corporate culture, community, and team work across their projects. The company prides itself at making office spaces not just inviting, but exciting for people, working on projects for Huawei, Avon Cosmetics, Honest Bee, Amway Philippines, VFS Global, and Lenovo GROUP LTD.

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