Creating the atmosphere in hospitality centers

Hospitality is largely based on the experience of customers and the impression they leave upon each person visiting an establishment. One of the biggest aspects of creating this experience is through the atmosphere hospitality centers provide, and through interior design, this can very well be accomplished beautifully.

Interior design is acknowledged as one of the most important parts of hospitality. From the moment customers walk in, they immediately feel the atmosphere in the area as the design of your lobby piques their eyes from the lighting, to the floor, and to the rest of the room. It may seem like the design simply becomes a backdrop for the accommodation they requested for, nonetheless, it leaves an impact on how well they enjoy the visual setting you have provided for them

iDr. Charisse Gail Bantiling, piid, Workplace Design Strategist & Principal Designer of Trends and Concepts, explicates how interior design is essential in giving hospitality a hand on presenting an exquisite atmosphere, “Interior design is proved to be one of the vital factors in increased revenues for the industry of hospitality, it builds upon the experience integrated and the fine details to influence an impression that lasts.”

PURO Hotel Gdańsk, Poland. Image via []


PURO Hotel Gdańsk, Poland. Image via []


It is also through interior design where the identity of your brand becomes evident in the establishment. The accommodation is elevated through design as it reflects the style of the company while also integrating functionality and the feeling of comfort into the space. The establishment, along with the accommodations, rely on design to provide customers an environment worth coming back for.

“When guests are asked what makes them book the hotel for their travels or business trips, individuals are quick to note the comfort and convenience the hotel offers – Just like any other classification of space, people tend to lean towards a space that gives them the impression and the luxury of feeling at home”, stated iDr. Charisse Gail Bantiling.

The significance of interior design in hospitality embraces the concept of leaving an impression to customers through the impact of a visual backdrop and an atmosphere aligned with the company’s branding. Not only does design help create spaces that attract future customers but it also helps in their favorable return to an establishment, thus, more financial gain.

Hospitality design is one of the strong suits of Trends and Concepts. As they take your design requirements, they also go above and beyond to ensure your establishment is functional, attractive, and aligned with your branding identity to provide an environment that customers would want to return to.

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