Building a positive environment in the workplace

The workplace is more than just a location or setting for an individual to go to and simply work on their tasks, in order to effectively motivate employees and amplify their performance, building a positive environment in the office is paramount to achieve that goal.

In ‘The Six Essentials of Workplace Positivity’ by Elizabeth F. Cabrera, it states the benefits of establishing and maintaining a positive workplace: “It is beneficial for organizations because it leads to higher levels of motivation and performance. Positive employees make better decisions, are more creative and more productive, and have better interpersonal skills. Positivity is also good for employees because it enhances well-being and personal success. This, in turn, benefits organizations because employees appreciate their company’s efforts to improve their well-being, resulting in greater loyalty and commitment.”

Similarly, in other researches, it lists down major principles that are essential in creating a positive environment and healthy culture within an organization and workplace. The qualities of a positive workplace culture are:

“1.) Caring for, being interested in, and maintaining responsibility for colleagues as friends. 2.) Providing support for one another, including offering kindness and compassion when others are struggling. 3.) Avoiding blame and forgive mistakes. 4.) Inspiring one another at work. 5.) Emphasizing the meaningfulness of the work. 6.) Treating one another with respect, gratitude, trust, and integrity.”

This goes without saying that there are steps and factors that can help you build a positive workplace environment.


Inclusive Workplace Design

Also known as ‘Design for all’ it’s primarily a design to create equal accessibility and opportunities for everyone. Inclusive workplace design can be closely related to agile workplace design as it both consider the diverse working styles of employees. Inclusive workplace design, however, includes the diversity of needs or differences of groups and individuals such as mental health, physical disabilities, and also their preference for working alone or in a group.

By creating an inclusive workplace design, employees may feel that their individual preferences and differences are welcomed. In line with this, employees will feel valued and nurtured within this type of office design, allowing for better productivity and positive culture.



Company culture

Teamwork, collaboration, open and honest communication are significant in creating a positive environment in the workplace as well as encouraging employees to participate in activities within the company that may give them a sense of purpose in their position in the organization. By fostering positive attitudes in the workplace, employees would work harder to allow the organization to have more opportunities.



People’s relationship with one another can enhance their wellbeing, therefore, improving their creativity and bringing out the best in their ability and performance, all the while avoiding stress. Positive relationships are essential for a person’s wellbeing and effectiveness. The factors that come into play in building positive relationships in the workplace are respect and appreciation, recognition, trust, and generosity.

“It is abundantly clear that being happy at work is a lot more important than simply coming home from work with a smile on one’s face – it is a cornerstone of individual, team and organizational performance.” – Kevin Weitz, Positivity (Happiness) in the Workplace and Organizational Change, 2011.

Workplace positivity, in essence, is a collective structure founded within the organization centered on the wellbeing, sense of purpose, and experience of employees. This structure can be external, such as the design of the office, or it can be through the management of the company to ensure employees are happy, healthy, and engaged.

Agile and inclusive office designs can be accomplished to ensure employees feel valued, satisfied, and productive. Trends And Concepts aims to promote workplace inclusivity through its design and build services while staying aligned to your requirements. To know more, visit

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