Activating Office Spaces through Experiential Design

How you convey your brand can be reflected in the office design. The visibility of your brand in the workplace is significant to bring creativity and nurture the culture of your company and employees as well as attract customers to the design that has been set up. The best way for people to feel or experience your brand is through experiential design.

According to the Society for Experiential Graphic Design, experiential design involves the use of typography, color, imagery, form, technology, and content to create environments that communicate. This type of design is approached with an artistic and dynamic style that encompasses the whole area to give people an experience worth engaging with.

Essentially, in the context of commercial and office design, experiential design can greatly help in boosting the experience of employees and customer.


Experience-centric Design

Integrating this type of design into your workspace allows for a more interactive environment that can touch-point the perspectives of employees and customers alike to your brand. With more emphasis, the experiential design enhances the message of a company’s branding by incorporating relevant elements into the workplace.

These elements are lobby signage, graphics found throughout the workplace, walls with messages or images that evoke emotions, among others.


Brand Visibility and Integration

With the use of experiential design, incorporating the brand of a company can be easily done by the examples mentioned above. While simultaneously accentuating the brand message, setting the space with experience-centric elements can bring about an emotional connection and increase morale for employees as it becomes a purpose-driven environment.

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