A Letter from Trends and Concepts CEO, Jose P. Bantiling: Updates on COVID-19

To our employees, clients and partners,


With the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and its significant impact on our families, businesses, and community, I wanted to reach out as I deemed it prudent to give you updates on how we are approaching the situation.

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone in the frontlines of the healthcare sector who are tirelessly working amidst this crisis. To actively participate in their efforts of helping our families and businesses, and for the overall health and safety of our workforce, we have encouraged our employees to work in the safety of their homes.

Our business development team will proceed to function with the use of digital platforms to communicate with clients and be readily available to cater to their requirements.

As for our project teams, they would be closely coordinating with all our clients regarding feasible adjustments in timelines. We assure you that we will continue to stay in touch and serve you in the best way possible throughout this period.

In response to the situation we are currently experiencing, I am encouraging everyone as one family, to fervently pray that this global crisis will be over soon. On a positive perspective, I believe this is a time for self-reflection and communion. Let us use this opportunity to come into terms with ourselves and to those around us.

These are very tough times, but I am certain that after going through this ordeal – as we return to our daily lives and workplace, we will become even better versions of ourselves.


I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your understanding and cooperation amidst this situation. Always keep safe and healthy.











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