What is Design + Build?

October 15, 2018

Would you choose design and build over the conventional system of architect and general interior fit-out contractor?

Before we even choose between the two options. What do you mean by “Design and Build” anyway?

It’s about time that we understand why the design and build process is the way forward for the interior fit out sector in Philippines. It is evident that the design and build process is gaining momentum to become the leading project delivery system in the Philippine fit-out industry.

The design and build process is a modification from the more traditional bid-design-bid-build delivery of interior fit out contracts. Design and build projects are commonly set by a single entity, who is in charge of the design and is also responsible to manage and build the project. Successful design-build projects offer the owner/client many benefits that add optimal solutions to a project.

As the Philippines continuously marks itself as one of the fastest developing country in Asia, the business opportunities of the interior design and fit out industry is thriving as demand for office, retail spaces continue to grow, not to mention the fast development of infrastructure. Alongside this growth has come increased competition, owners and employers finding themselves challenged with meeting a glut of design, sustainability, cost, time and functionality specifications.

Improved Project Quality

Design and build interior fit-outs inherently provides higher quality than the separate, often conflicting architect / designer vs. contractor approach. Because the design and build firm has responsibility for performance, it is motivated to build with quality objectives without losing the essence of the design.

Improved communications

Since the design parameters and budgetary goals of a project are being developed simultaneously it allows effective execution and communication between all parties through a single-point-of-contact. Understanding the parameters of a project amongst designers and contractors is a crucial step in this process. With everyone working together the owner has greater access to the project team throughout its development.

At Trends And Concepts Total Interior Solutions, we integrate collective knowledge, experience, buying power, systems efficiencies and a one line of accountability to you throughout the entire process. We work with world class designers to ensure that our clients get the best. We take care of the full process from initial client briefing to project management, completion and handover notwithstanding the essentials of health and safety procedures at the site. At all times we are committed to deliver a solution that meets client budget, timescales and aspirations. Once the main elements of the work are complete, we ensure clients are satisfied with the end result and provide them continuing after sales support.

Quite simply, good office design can make the difference between the successes of your company. The world’s leading businesses all understand this and spend a significant amount of time and money ensuring their offices are designed and fitted out in such a way as to totally support and enhance their company.

Trends And Concepts accredited member of Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB)

January 12, 2017

Trends and Concepts_PCAB Philippines

Trends And Concepts is an accredited member of PCAB (Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board). Another milestone initiative of Trends And Concepts is redefiningand strengthening the company’s name and competencies by means of the accreditation process within ISO 9001-2008 Certification. The undergoing accreditation certifies its strengths as a leading competitor within the Philippine and global market of Design and Build (interior fitout construction).







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